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With today’s modern technology and the ability to have the world at our fingertips via aApp1 mobile phone, there really are no excuses when it comes finding ways to become more physically active.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, or working towards running a marathon, there is a phone app to assist you.  Add in the comfort of having smart watches that measure our heart rate, sleeping cycles, number of steps per day and even your GPS location and the world is your oyster.

App2Trying to find a suitable app for your needs can be quite overwhelming, whether you are a couch potato needing to get motivated to become more physically active, or whether you are already on your way to becoming healthier and need some variation, motivation or a challenge in your workouts.

So how to do we choose an app that will give us the best outcomes? It is a difficult question to answer as we all have different goals.  Therefore you need to determine the goal for your app.  Do you want to lose weight? Do you want workout videos on the go? Many apps are tailored for one specific need, e.g. running 5 km.  Make sure you choose an app that meets your goal.

However, the app(s) you choose should at least have the basic features including the option for you to create a profile, enter your measurements, set your goals.  Some apps have a reminder that you can set to get you off the couch and get you moving, as others will prompt you to retake your measurements after several workouts.  This way you can get motivated to get started, keep going and enjoy in your success as you see changes in your numbers.

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Apps with high ratings include My fitness pal, 7 minute workout, Runkeeper, Couch to 5k (C25K), Sworkit (“simply work it”), Strava running with many others added on a daily basis. FitRadio is specifically designed for the fitness buff and provides you with music to exercise to.  Listening to music whilst working out will boost your energy levels and allow you to work-out better.

Also consider your budget when purchasing a fitness app.  Whilst many apps are free, some do come with a cost to download.

Whatever your goals (or lack thereof), there is an app for you that will get you going and keep you going.


If you find all of this too complex and do not know how to start, make an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists and we can design a tailored programme for you via  Physitrack (PhysiApp).  This way we can help you set your goals and have regular reviews to ensure you stay on track, and also re-evaluate your progress and keep you motivated.

To make an appointment, call Ellenbrook Physiotherapy on 9297 1188 and book with one of our Physiotherapist to get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Happy exercising!


Antoinette Stickling

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