7 Tips for Work-Life Balance


Work-Life balance is a concept entailing the proper prioritisation between work (your career and ambition) and your lifestyle (pleasure, leisure, family and health). It is very hard to achieve, and most can speak of personal experience.



Below you will find some ideas to set you up for creating a more ideal balance.

1. Start with setting your priorities:

What do you want your priorities to be (not what you think they should be)

2. Manage your time:


Keep a strong focus on work at work, leave on time and use the hours after work to enjoy life

3. Learn to delegate:

Learn to ask for help with tasks, letting go of unrealistic expectations for how it should be completed, and acknowledging and appreciating the help you receive.

4. Say no with a smile:

There is no point volunteering for every project if the quality of your work is going to suffer

5. Make your job a friend:

Seek out tasks and projects that you particularly enjoy doing

6. Schedule in fun:

Sticking to a schedule will help to ensure that your work does not eat into your personal life

7. Redefine “balance”:

Think about balance over a longer span of time – a week or month.  We don’t need to balance all perfectly every day.  Instead we can focus on keeping our priorities straight over the course of a week / month.  That way we stay on top of things without ignoring what’s most important.



Antoinette Stickling


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