How well are you living?

Do you suffer from pain? Are you hampered by stress and a lack of sleep and energy? Are you struggling to integrate rituals for effective diet and exercise into your life? We know this is common-place as we see it within our clinical practice every day.

In today’s society and the radical changes we have seen within the modern lifestyle, it is not an easy task to live a healthy life these days. Our gradual process of evolution has left us poorly equipped to deal with the unique stresses that have emerged only very recently. The sudden arrival of the internet and escalation of all forms of tech in our lives has impacted upon the way we work, rest, socialise and play. Our phones are now so often at the forefront of our lives, with a new generation that is seemingly addicted to distraction.

Activity levels have plummeted, our diets have deteriorated, stress has increased and we often live with constant sleep deprivation. This unique set of modern day stresses can lead to an abundance of health problems, contributing to a growing societal problem with mental health and impacting significantly upon our overall health and well-being.

The Solution

However there is a growing renaissance in society which is powered by a yearning to restore balance within our lives, and stay true to our genetic blueprint. This simply means getting back to moving more and nurturing our bodies in the traditional ways that we always have.

Much of this is founded upon re-connecting with fundamental sources of health and natural medicines. Getting back to basics with simple tonics such as movement, rest, wholefoods, hydration, sunlight, play and sleep.


At Ellenbrook Physiotherapy we have gathered and presented some simple practical wisdom for healthy living that can be easily applied to the modern life. To do that we wish to apply this advice to the fundamental unit of the Day.

The Day is the basic cycle of life. Wake, Move, Work, Rest, Sleep. Repeat…..

Our unique lifestyle questionnaire hopes to evaluate how you live a typical day. From dawn to dusk and into the realm of sleep. We will identify any potential flaws within daily routines and  equip you with very simple ways you may change each part of your day for the better.

How do we change our lives? How do we improve? It’s as simple as One Day at a Time. Beginning Today. Each day is a new opportunity for growth.

Stay tuned for your free comprehensive lifestyle evaluation and learn how you may unlock over $500 in our 1 Month Foundation Membership.

Each night I die and the next day when I wake I am reborn.”         



Andrew Slade

Owner and Physiotherapist


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