5 Bang for your Buck Band Exercises

Powerbands are a useful tool to perform strength and conditioning exercsises if you do not have access to a gym. They are portable, light weight and fit in your suitcase (good to burn off those extra unwanted calories whilst on holiday). Bands can be used to replicate any gym exercise you would otherwise use a dumbbell, barbell, or machine for. So, what exercises are best to build your strength and strip them unwanted kilos? Here, in this blog, we will find out.

  1. Squat/ front squat variation – a great whole-body exercise specifically targeting glutes, quads, hamstrings and core strength.
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  • Push press – This exercise will get the heart rate pumping! It is a combination between a squat and overhead press, all performed in the one! Talk about bang for your buck.
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  • Crab walks – Glute burner alert! This exercise specifically targets, glute med (for pelvic stability), glute max (for explosive power) and quads (for robust knees).
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  • Row – This exercise is great for the back musculature, an important muscle group for improving back pain and overall performance.
Resistance Band Exercises Workout & Train With PowerBands-IronEdge
  • Chest press – Get strong shoulders by doing this exercise. The pecs play an important role in shoulder stability and strength and this exercise will specifically target the upper body musculature to improve shoulder health.
Let's Bands™ - Blog - 9 powerbands Exercises You Can Do Literally Anywhere  in 2016

Ryan Barron
Ellenbrook Physiotherapist

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