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Founded in 1998, the Ellenbrook Physiotherapy Group has evolved to become the premiere therapy precinct servicing Perth’s North eastern region including clinics in Ellenbrook, Bullsbrook, Bindoon and Gingin.

With a motivated team of therapists operating from our world class facilities, we pride ourselves upon delivering a premium service to help you achieve your goals.

If you are seeking complete and sustainable health solutions, you’ve arrived at the right destination. 

For us the agenda is simple, We want to help you be your best. 

Our Facilities

Within our 400sqm premises at Broadway Medical  you will find our 8 intimate treatment rooms, Pilates Reformer Studio, Fully equipped Gymnasium, Health Food Café and multiple open exercise and education areas.

Within our approach you will find a unique, powerful and evidence based approach to managing pain and improving life performance. We strongly believe in our role as teachers and facilitators of performance. 

Unlike most other Physio practices, our role doesn’t finish upon resolving injury, it simply moves to the next level. Fitness leveraging off Physio, and also blending with an integrative approach to optimising life performance.

That is why we have assembled a multi-disciplinary team of experienced therapists with genuine enthusiasm about our role in improving your health. 

That is why we have invested within state of the art facilities that will allow you to train the mind and body beyond injury.

Try our Pilates, Yoga, Strength, Powerband, Meditation and Crossover classes

This is how we deliver powerful, customised and affordable health solutions. 

Programs designed by Physio for your life. Your injuries, your lifestyle, your body, your goals.

This is beyond Physio. This is Fitness. Food. Lifestyle. Performance.

This is the art of optimal living. 

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Our Approach

Our Physio treatments aim to restore and facilitate movement. We use the most progressive treatment techniques to treat the full spectrum of injuries.

We emphasise a “hands on” approach within the intimacy of our private consulting rooms. At Ellenbrook Physio you will find a unique, powerful and evidence based approach to managing pain and improving life performance.

We are Teachers

Our philosophy is founded upon teaching people about the origins of their symptoms, and equipping them with strategies to solve them. A key point of difference within our approach is the strong emphasis upon education and exercise as a pathway to recovery. We will take the time to teach you about your injury.

Movement is the Miracle Drug

We also believe in the healing power of movement, and that every injury will befit from movement and exercise in some form.

We know that Life requires a blend of physical attributes that allow us to function at high levels. These include a blend of strength, flexibility, mobility and stability.  When you come to Ellenbrook Physiotherapy you will experience an integrative treatment approach to address all of these needs via a wide variety of treatments.

We take this Personally

We seek to connect with you upon a personal level to actively involve you in the process of restoring your health. Our ultimate aim is to establish healing partnerships with our patients, allowing them to realise their full potential in health and life.

For us the agenda is simple, “We want to help you be your best”

For more information about our services, please click  here.



Sana by Ellenbrook Pilates

Sana is the home of Ellenbrook Pilates, but offers much more than Pilates.

Hosting Ellenbrook’s first and only Pilates Reformer Studio and a fully equipped Gymnasium, we offer small group training in a broad range of classes as well as individual fitness programs.

Born out of Ellenbrook Physiotherapy, Sana offers functional fitness solutions with our unique approach to managing injury and optimising life performance.

Powerful exercise programs created by Physio, designed for your life.

Our boutique studio is like no other exercise space you’ve experienced before. It is Ellenbrook’s first and only Pilates Reformer Studio but our space also allows a fusion of different movement disciplines to encompass all the fundamentals of fitness;
Mobility, Stability, Strength, Power, Energy, Mindfulness.

We offer Pilates integrated into small group training, plus more. Classes also include Yoga, Barre, Powerband, Strength Circuits, Mobilise and Release and a fusion of all of the above.

Lead a busy life? We understand. Perform your individual exercise program within the sanctuary of our boutique studio with independent access at a time that suits your lifestyle.

Visit the Ellenbrook Pilates website for more information.


Unlike most other Physio practices, our role doesn’t finish upon resolving injury, it simply moves to the next level. Fitness leveraging off Physio and blending with an integrative approach to optimising life performance.

Our state of the art exercise facilities at Sana Movement Studio include a Pilates Reformer Studio, Fully equipped Gymnasium, Health Food Café and multiple open exercise areas.

Sana is a functional movement studio. Our target is simply improving Life Performance.

We offer small group training in a broad range of classes. Enjoy an ever increasing range of enjoyable exercise classes including Pilates Reformer, Matt Pilates, Strength, Yoga, Powerband, Meditation and Crossover classes.

However the benefits of Sana really begin to kick in, when you receive your own individual exercise program that can be performed within the sanctuary of our boutique studio.

Receive a customised exercise regime that is tailored to your own specific needs, created and regularly reviewed by Physiotherapists. Receiving the best possible advice from exercise specialists, will give yourself the best possible chance of getting amazing results.

Have access to sophisticated exercise equipment you will not find elsewhere, including our fully equipped Pilates studio, gymnasium and functional movement studio.

Unlock significant discounts via our memberships to all of our classes, physiotherapy and remedial massage services, meal plans along with our retail stock.

Fitness Meets Food

Within our premises we are proud to host Pink Salt Wholefoods Cafe.

Nourishing our staff and patients with wholesome goodness, Pink Salt has become a local health landmark. 

The fusion between food and fitness provides us a unique advantage in delivering optimal health solutions. 

Reward yourself after your workout with a nourishing meal and refreshing juice. For amazing results and significant savings combine our Meal and Class packs. 


Within our integrative approach is a strong connection to how we live. The rapidly changing modern life presents a unique set of challenges, we are often poorly equipped to deal with.

This inevitably impacts upon pain and injury, but we also view this as low hanging fruit and an opportunity to  leverage positive change into our lives

We place a strong emphasis upon delving into lifestyle and delivering strategies. Exploring how we wake, move and fuel our way through the day, how we play, engage, rest and recover and repeat all over again. 

Complete our comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire to learn how you may better manage your injury and simultaneously  improve your lifestyle

Our solutions simply fall back upon the innate wisdom and incredible capabilities of the human body and mind. Underpinning this is a re-connection with traditional natural sources of medicine – Movement, light, real food, water, rest, relationships and sleep. Tapping in once again to our genetic blue print that simply knows how to live optimally. Managing lifestyle influences is a pivotal part of our approach, and has a potent impact upon outcomes

Move your body, nourish your mind, Change your life.

Tell us where to send your Practical Guide to Healthy Living.

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