Pilates and Active Aging


You are not too old to exercise!


The benefits of regular general regular exercise are well known, however how can Pilates be a good option for older adults?

Pilates is a safe, low impact, resistance-based style of exercise that uses studio equipment (involving bars, springs and pullies) as well as mats and small apparatus, and is suitable for many older adults. It is a style of exercise that is safe for many age-related ailments and it is a form of exercise that if done regularly, can significantly improve strength, mobility, balance and quality of life.

Unfortunately as we get older, our joints often become stiff, our muscles become tight and our balance deteriorates. All of these factors can be improved with a Pilates exercise regime.

Pilates exercises can improve muscle strength and support around joints whilst being kind and gentle on joints (making it very good option for managing osteoarthritis). It is also a great rehabilitation option for clients recovering from shoulder, hip and knee surgeries.

Pilates works on improving postural strength and spinal mobility which can greatly benefit chronic neck and back pain. Standing Pilates exercises using studio equipment and small apparaturs can improve your standing balance which can reduce your risk of falls.


Sometimes people can feel nervous to start a new form of exercise later in life and don’t want to feel embarrassed if they are not good at it. Clinical Pilates at Ellenbrook Physiotherapy is run in small groups of up to 4 and is run by a Physiotherapist who will teach you individualised exercises that are most appropriate for you and your goals.

Many people find Pilates very enjoyable and often comment after doing Pilates regularly for 8-12 weeks that not only are they stronger and moving better, they feel more nimble and are better able to keep up with their grandchildren or get through 18 holes of golf!

If Pilates could be a good exercise option for you and you would like to learn more about it, please contact us at Ellenbrook Physiotherapy on 92971188.


Antoinette Stickling


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