Functional Fitness: Training for Life

As we know there are many reasons to exercise and keeping active is vital for our physical and mental well being. People train for charity runs, marathons, weight lifting  and sporting comps. People train because they have to, and people train just because they love it. Don’t worry if you are not one of those people who live to exercise. Functional Fitness is all about getting your body fit for the demands of every day and can really help to improve your quality of life. It helps to make things like getting out of bed, climbing up/down stairs, carrying the grocery bags, gardening and playing with the kids much easier and also safer! By better preparing your body for daily activities like these you can help to reduce the risk of injury and improve your abilities to get things done.

Here are 7 Basic Functional Exercise Variations that will help to strengthen your primal movement patterns, working each and every part of your body together to help you get fit for life.

1. Squat


Too Easy: Add weight, jump on a bosu ball, try single leg, add in a jump

squat jumpsquat with weightsplit squat.png

Too Hard: use the wall, TRX straps, powerband or start with a sit-to-stand

wall squat.pngsit to stand.pngtrx squat

2. Lunge


Too easy: add weight, add the bosu ball, add in a jump (switch lunge)

lunge bosulunge jumplunge with weights

Too hard: use the TRX straps, start with an asymmetric sit to stand

lunge trxsit to stand asymmetric


3. Hinge – Deadlift

hinge KB stiff leg.png


Too easy: add weight, try single leg

hinge SLhinge stiff leg DL

Too hard: use a kettlebell and bend your legs through the movement

hinge DL.png

4. Push

Just a few variations – bench/chest press, overhead/shoulder press – both can be done using machines, free weights or powerbands. Also the good ol’ push up!

push up kneespush uppush up ballpush up bosu

bench bandbench DBbench TRXOH press.png

5. Pull

Add variety by changing up your angle of pull and different types of resistance!

row bandrow bentrow cablerow trx

6. Twist

twisttwist cable

7. Walk

Walking is an important exercise and can be used for strength or endurance, cardiovascular health and also balance! Aside from going for a walk you can also include tandem walking (heel to toe), walking lunges or farmer walks.

walking tandemwalking lungewalking farmer


As with all new exercises we recommend that you get some expert advice to ensure you are able to do it safely.


By adding functional exercises like these into your training you will find yourself fit for life and able to tackle any tasks that it throws at you. And the best part is they can be done by anyone, anywhere! Utilise the equipment you have around you or even just your own body weight. Always mix things up to keep your body guessing. Enjoy!



Allissa King



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