Purposeful Aging

There are more people over 100 years old in Australia than ever before, with 4,400 recorded in January 2017. There are many reasons behind our, and the world in general’s increasing longevity including improvements in hygiene and healthcare as well as food resources.

With everyone coming from different health and social backgrounds, one of the most important common threads to a long, healthy life is to live a life with purpose!

A life with purpose involves taking control of parts of your health which have a direct impact on your ability to age well whilst learning to let go of factors, cares and worries you have no control over. A life with purpose empowers you to take control of choices now which will influence your future.

Here are 7 helpful tips to help you age well and with purpose!

  • Value your Relationships
    There is mounting evidence that having a sense of belonging, along with deep friendships and a strong social support system play a vital role in living a long, meaningful life. Some even argue these are even more important than commonly known factors such as diet, exercise and weight control.

  • Maintain your Strength
    Muscle fibres begin to decline as we get older making strength training vital to maintaining function and independence. Strength helps protect you from injury as well as maintaining your mobility and independence. Training the large muscle groups against resistance two to three times a week is effective at maintaining and building strength.

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  • Maintain your Balance
    Falls can have a hugely detrimental effect on our health and confidence as we get older. Regularly challenging your balance in a safe environment, can help maintain a good sense of balance, helping keep us safe when moving around.

  • Maintain your Endurance– Having adequate strength and balance for mobility is critical. Endurance is needed in order to explore and interact with your environment.  If you tire easily, you will not be able to interact in the manner you hope to.  This will often lead to self-limiting choices, and for some, less interaction with others and their environment.

  • Keep your Heart Healthy
    High intensity training (HIT) seems to be one of the most effective ways of maintaining a higher maximal heart rate. Short periods of intense strength and endurance training increase the size of the heart muscles, which can be strengthened just like other muscles.


  • Improve Your Sleep Quality
    Poor sleep has been linked to risk factors such as high blood pressure, heart failure, heart attacks, obesity, stroke and diabetes. Most experts recommend we sleep at least 8 hours a night. Having a regular bedtime, avoiding eating and caffeine in the hours leading up to sleep as well as taking regular exercise are some ways of ensuring you get a restful night’s sleep.

  • Sit Less and Move More
    The detrimental effects of prolonged siting are becoming increasingly recognised as contributing to poor health, with one study finding people who sat for over 11 hours a day had a 40% increased risk of death. Daily walks help improve circulation, regulate our circadian rhythm and reduce stress, contributing to our overall health and well being. It may be just as important to keep an eye on how much time you spend exercising as how long you spend not!

Healthy living and aging is something to strive for, enabling us to lead longer, more fulfilling and independent lives. The team here at Ellenbrook Physiotherapy and Sana Movement Studio are well equipped to give you further information and guidance in achieving your goals and a long, purposeful, enjoyable life!

Andy Leggett


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