Exercises to get you Ready for Christmas

Santa is busy loading up his sleigh and we’re all busy getting the house ready / buying presents / preparing food / putting up the tree / keeping the kids in line with threats of being put on the naughty list etc etc.

The last thing you need over this fun but busy period is to be laid up with back, shoulder or knee pain. So here at Ellenbrook Physiotherapy we’ve put together a few quick exercises to help get you prepped for the big day!

Lunges – great for strengthening the thigh (quad) and buttock (gluteal) muscles as well as for hip & knee flexibility which will all help when pushing those overloaded shopping trolley around the shops.


Child’s pose – a really nice Yoga pose for stretching out the lower back, hips, knees and shoulders. Ideal prep for those long hours spent wrapping presents on the floor.


Squats – another great exercise for strengthening the quads & gluteals, important muscles for supporting the lower back. Great for lifting the mammoth sized turkey out of the oven


Shoulder press – an excellent exercise for the muscles which can get tired and sore with overhead activities like putting up the tinsel or star on the tree


Cat / camel – this exercise helps us to stretch the lower and mid-back as well as learn how to move and control those areas effectively. Great practice for giving the kids / grandkids / nieces / nephews a pony ride (as long as you didn’t get them a real pony)



Bicep curls – gotta work those guns! They’ll be in action a lot over the festive period!


On a more serious note, the World Health Organisation recommends adults perform a minimum of 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity exercise as well as 2 strength sessions. Research has also found that a program of combined mobility and strength exercises can be beneficial in preventing back pain. Getting into a routine with these exercises would be a great start and the team at Ellenbrook Physiotherapy are available over the holiday period to help get you on your way!

Merry Christmas from all the team at Ellenbrook Physiotherapy!!

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