5 Mobility Exercises you can start today!

As Physio’s we hear so often from patients that their aches and pains are just because they’re “getting old”. Majority of these patients also go on to tell us that they do not engage in any regular exercise or stretching. In today’s society many of our jobs involve long hours sitting at a computer with minimal time for breaks or movement. Including daily mobility and stretches into your routine will help you to feel more relaxed, more flexible, have reduced pain and generally feel better within yourself. Try these 5 simple mobility exercises today and the next day…. And the day after that…… and, you guessed it, the day after that too, until it becomes routine for you. And just see how it makes you feel!

1. Childs Pose


2. Cat/Camel stretch


3. Lumbar knee rolls



4. Knees to chest


5. Thoracic Book Openers



Nicola Carter


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