Benefits of Pilates for Runners


Tight hip flexors?

Niggly knees?

Achilles tendon issues?

Tight calves or hamstrings?


It doesn’t matter if you are a competitive runner, triathlete or a weekend jogger – don’t let these issues limit your ability to run or affect your training!

When we participate in the same sporting activity regularly, we tend to strengthen our bodies in that realm of movement. Running is an incredibly repetitive activity and this can lead to niggling aches and pains that essentially relate to poor biomechanics and muscle imbalances.

Pilates is a form of exercise that can help to break this cycle by teaching you how to use your body more effectively so that each muscle is being evenly worked and you become more aware of how you are using your body.

Pilates helps to improve your running by working on:

  • Posture and breathing– Better postural endurance allows for better diaphragmatic breathing (meaning you will get less puffed!)
  • Muscle balance/body symmetry– We are creatures of habit and often due to the repetitive nature of running we use certain muscles more than others which leads to poor biomechanics and problems
  • Core stability and strength– The benefit of this one is self explanatory!
  • Flexibility– How often have you been told by a physiotherapist to use a foam roller to release your ITBs or to stretch your hip flexors?

Most runners that have incorporated Pilates into their exercise regime find that their running performance improves, they are less likely to develop aches and pains, and they recover faster from strains or injuries. Pilates can be a great challenge for many and a lot of runners find it very complimentary to their other forms of regular exercise.

If you want to improve your running or simply want to be able to run for as long as possible and reduce your risk of running-related pain and injury, give Pilates a go!


Erin McLoughlin

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